New Job, New Hope: Sherina's Story

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"I understand what it feels like to be unemployed. I understand what it feels like to be homeless. I know what it feels like to be discouraged and not have the opportunity to show your talents.”

Sherina and her family were homeless for two years. She felt extremely discouraged, as she could not provide her kids with a home, “like I was supposed to.” Once she moved into Jordan Downs public housing, she gained stability and began to work her way toward a brighter future. Sherina successfully applied for a job with the Jordan Downs revitalization, where BRIDGE and partners are rebuilding the distressed housing and transforming the community. “It feels good to be able to help the Jordan Downs and Watts residents who are in need of jobs, because I was one of those people.” We invite you to meet Sherina and her family and be inspired by her story.

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