Renewing Homes for Seniors in Sacramento

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The Sacramento Housing Authority Repositioning Program, Inc. (SHARP), the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and BRIDGE partnered on the successful renewals of three housing communities that serve seniors with low incomes.

Washington Plaza, Sutterview Apartments and Sierra Vista Apartments were originally placed into service in 1971. The substantial rehabs included retrofitting of the buildings' exteriors, replacement of nearly all major systems and greening of the projects including solar energy systems. The community rooms at Washington Plaza and Sierra Vista were enlarged, and a completely new community room was created at Sutterview. These areas now provide space for supportive programs including service coordinator meetings and life skills training.

“I like the community room downstairs, and the way they set it up, with the new colors and the cabinets,” said George Coles, a Washington Plaza resident. “I consider it a big-time upgrade!”

Renovation of the three properties, which took place in two phases between 2015 and 2016, ultimately preserved 228 apartments.

“These projects are a great example of the enormous benefit that public and nonprofit partnerships provide when it comes to leveraging resources so that we can continue to serve low -income seniors with quality affordable housing,” said SHRA Executive Director La Shelle Dozier.

“Preservation is critical to maintaining Sacramento’s existing housing assets for vulnerable, low-income seniors, and preparing the buildings for future decades of service,” said BRIDGE President and CEO Cynthia A. Parker.

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