A Healthier Home: Jessica's Story

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Jessica and her two young daughters had previously lived in a substandard apartment that put their well-being at risk.

“The landlord didn’t take good care of the place,” she said. “It leaked when it rained. The carpets and walls would get moldy. Everything smelled bad, and it wasn’t a healthy place for my daughters.”

Jessica works full time at a restaurant, and she is taking business and computer classes at a community college. She searched and searched for a new home, but after many disappointments, had no answer for her daughters’ simple question, “Why didn’t we get it, mama?”

When Jessica learned that she would be able to move into a new apartment at Paseo at COMM22 in San Diego, she thought it was a dream come true.

“My daughters were jumping up and down with excitement, and I could feel the happiness in their hearts,” she said. “Living here makes such a difference to our lives, every day.”

BRIDGE’s vision is to strengthen communities and create opportunities for people, starting—but not ending—with housing. We're proud to have helped this vision become a reality for Jessica and her young family.

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