Dejana's Story: Burden, then Blessing

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Dejana was born and raised in Oakland.

She works as a security guard, and she and her young daughter Londyn had been sharing a room in Dejana’s mother’s apartment in East Oakland. 

“We tried for five years to find an apartment of our own that we could afford on my salary,” she said. Finally, in January 2016, Dejana got the keys to her new home at AvéVista. The best part for Londyn? Having a room of her own to decorate.

“Now we have space to cook and play," said Dejana. "I believe that having our own home will strengthen my relationship with my mother, since we’re not all crowded into her apartment anymore.” With the lake and park across the street, she added, the AvéVista neighborhood is a great place to raise a child. “You can’t ask for a blessing and not expect to have a burden,” she said, of her long search for a home. “Now I have the blessing.”

Listen to a KQED interview with Dejana: New Resident Settles into her Affordable Apartment

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