A Young Family Finds a Cozy Home

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Just a few years ago, Chelsea and Cody Iddings were living in the bedroom of a friend’s home.

The young newlyweds liked the arrangement, but knew it was temporary: their family was about to include a newborn son.

When Chelsea, 24, heard about Poinsettia Station Apartments from her hairdresser, she thought it might be the right fit. They lived near the Carlsbad property, which has a swimming pool and children’s play area. The affordable rent would also provide stability as Cody, a graphic designer, searched for a higher-paying job.

The family moved into a one-bedroom apartment and quickly made it feel like home. Chelsea started a container garden on the porch with strawberries, lavender, basil, rosemary and an orange tree. They decorated their home with furniture given to them by family and friends. Cody stripped the veneer from an old wood table and refinished it. Chelsea’s steamer trunk from college became a place to set the couple’s record player.

These were flourishes they couldn’t indulge in while renting a room from another family. “It’s been fun to decorate and make it our own,” Chelsea says.

The Iddings have made many new friends at Poinsettia Station. Chelsea takes her son, Cassius, on walks around the property and stops at the playground where they meet other parents with small children.

“It’s just been amazing how friendly everyone is,” she says. “I’ve never experienced anything like it. I think it’s the architecture…you walk outside and see your neighbors.” She’s developed such a strong network over the past two years that she frequently shares child-watching duties with her neighbors.

The location of the building, which is just a few minutes from the train station by foot, has been key for the Iddings. Cody sold their second car to trim expenses and now commutes to his job in San Diego. They also lives within walking distance of the beach, making it easy for Cody, an avid surfer, to hit the waves.

The family has marked some memorable occasions at Poinsettia Station. Cassius’ first birthday was held near the playground and picnic tables, and Chelsea and Cody hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the first time, sharing a meal with their families and a few neighbors in the community room. “We all sat at one big table and talked,” Chelsea says of Thanksgiving. “It was neat to have that.”

Now that Cody is starting to move up the career ladder, the Iddings may soon transition out of Poinsettia Station and into a larger home where they’ll be able to afford a higher rent. “It’s been good,” says Chelsea. “I found a lot of good friends and it’s been a blessing in my life.”

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