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Creating homes to strengthen communities at the core of what we do. Today, BRIDGE’s stream of diverse development efforts and pipeline activity exceeds 21,000 homes.

In 1983, BRIDGE was formed from a major anonymous grant given to the San Francisco Foundation to spearhead new solutions to the worsening shortage of affordable housing. This came about as the Bay Area Council and its business members were voicing concern that high housing costs were undermining the region’s workforce and economy.

A special blue-ribbon task force, headed by Alan L. Stein, decided on a practical approach. Instead of conducting more studies, their vision was of an organization that could actually build quality affordable housing at a large scale – not just hundreds, but thousands of homes within reach of the Bay Area's low- and moderate-income residents. The Task Force selected Rick Holliday and Don Terner to lead the new nonprofit and implement the ambitious vision.

BRIDGE has shown what can be done with clear vision, the right leadership, and a strong base of community support. Our accomplishments to date have surpassed even the ambitious hopes of its founders. Beyond creating homes, BRIDGE is building and revitalizing communities, often on a large scale. Our vision continues to be realized, person by person, neighborhood by neighborhood, year after year. Over three decades, those increments add up to a significant impact. And for BRIDGE, this is only the beginning.

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BRIDGE has a demonstrated track record for the production and long-term, stable stewardship of quality affordable housing in challenging markets with complex parameters.

Our portfolio reflects our competencies, and our balance sheet reflects a uniqe equilibrium between great stewardship of assets and the capacity/will to leverage our assets when this is best for both mission and sustainability. As an illustration of the company's breadth and depth, over the past three decades, BRIDGE has:

- Brought high-quality affordable housing to more than 85 communities in the west.
- Participated in the development of over 14,000 affordable homes, with 7,000 more in the pipeline.
- Created parks and wetlands, child care centers, police substations, a library and over 500,000 square feet of commercial and retail space.
- Offered a growing slate of educational, health and wellness programs to residents, with more than 22,000 class participants served in 2012 alone.

Invest Together
To build on these successes, we need your investment. Your dollars will be used to advance our work to serve more people, with higher quality services, in more geographic and content areas. Visit our website at www.bridgehousing.com and donate today!

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It is BRIDGE's intent to grow its products at scale and with the intentionally innovative approaches characteristic of BRIDGE over its first 30 years.

As we advance our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan, we are maintaining an even longer view of where and what BRIDGE aims to be. Our future builds upon 30 years of experience, learning and results. Over the next three decades, we will strive to:

- Advance our mission, always in pursuit of "Quantity, Quality, Affordability."
- Strengthen communities, starting but not ending with housing.
- Leverage experience, resources and a culture of innovation to test new ways to achieve more in less time with fewer resources.
- Redefine how BRIDGE delivers products and services to make the company more competitive in an era of reduced subsidies and increased demand.
- Lead the repositioning of the industry as there are shifts in resources, markets and policies.
- Be the go-to organization for best practices in all of its lines of business.

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BRIDGE respects and collaborates with partners across many sectors, because we understand that good development is about more than housing; it's about improving and strengthening communities, one person at a time.

Over the past three decades, BRIDGE has grown to become a preferred affordable housing partner in the west. Our wide range of complementary partnerships includes:
- Nonprofit and community-based service providers who deliver transformative programs to residents.
- For-proft and nonprofit developers.
- City, county, state and federal government agencies.
- Banks, financial institutions and equity investors.
- Corporate and private philanthropy and individual donors.
- Academic institutions.
- Local businesses and nonprofits.

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A powerful way to get involved with BRIDGE is through a financial or in-kind contribution, corporate sponsorship or investment. Gifts of all sizes allow BRIDGE to do extraordinary things.

Our philanthropic dollars and development resources are highly leveraged. Contributions help us to provide stabilizing and life-changing programs and services for our residents as well as develop and sustain affordable housing and neighborhood assets for thousands of low-income families and seniors. By making a tax-deductible donation of land, money or secured assets, you will help BRIDGE strengthen its commitment to vibrant communities. Regardless of how you choose to support BRIDGE, the results will change lives, restore communities and give hope to working families and seniors.